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The Family Of Eight

Yes, it is!. Many are gifted with the same or similar passion and vision, then we decided come together as one under this group, which is made up of members from different congregations.

Willingness To Server God

The Family Of Eight is a Christian musical group which was created to bring, together, talented and gifted brethren who are willing and committed to serving God with their talents.

Preaching Through Music

To create an independent brand fire-filled gospel music singers who are committed to serving God and reaching out to people in the state of Qatar and other Countries in songs.

Throne Of Grace

To create a spirit filled atmosphere where the presence of God can deeply felt. And to help lead the people in accessing the throne of grace through worship sessions or concerts.

How It Works

We achieve musical excellence through persistence, diligence, disciplined learning and continuous improvement by

  • Working As A Team
  • Planing Together
  • Praying Together
  • Sharing Ideas
  • Supporting Each Other
  • Strengthening One Another

Respect? Yes!

We respect the diversity, dignity and interdependence of all members of The Family of Eight. We achieve this by:

  • Placing values on each other
  • Respecting each other's views
  • Operating in love
  • Understanding the importance unity
  • Keeping in mind that we are all equal
  • Being positive towards each other

Everyone Is Needed

Every member of The Family Of Eight is committed to being worthy representatives of their musical discipline.

  • Preparation
  • Hard work
  • Responsibility
  • No time for idleness
  • Behaviour
  • Result oriented

Passion Drives A Lot

We strive to attain the highest goals of choral artistry – ethereal head-tones, crystal-clear intonation, dynamic phrasing within a spirited stage presence.

  • Purpose & Impact
  • Engagement
  • Behaviour
  • Sticking to TFOE Goals
  • Same Vision, Same Mission
  • Result Consciousness

Have any


No. We are not a new church. The Family Of Eight is an independent group in Doha-Qatar created to reach out to the nation and the world in songs of worship.

It was created based on a revelation that God gave to one of its members by name Mr. Opeyemi Ayodele in a night vision confirming his passion and desire to serve God in songs of worship and gospel music.

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